Everything You Need To Know About Using Limestone In Your Garden

Limestone is a very useful material for the garden. It can be used in large slabs for patios, crushed for pathways, and even in a powder form to enrich garden soil.  Is limestone available in large pieces?  Like many naturally occurring stones, limestone is quarried from the earth and cut into large slabs. Depending on the intended use and the quality of a particular piece, the slab is then cut down into smaller pieces that can be used for limestone patios, walkways, and garden bed edging. Read More 

What A Business Owner Should Know About Asbestos

Asbestos consists of some of the most dangerous fibrous minerals that can be found in a building structure, such as chrysotile and amosite. What makes the fibrous minerals dangerous is that they are able to cause various types of lung cancer, such as Mesothelioma. Someone can be exposed to asbestos and not show symptoms of having cancer until years later when the effects that it has on the lungs begin to show more, such as shortness of breath and a cough that doesn't go away. Read More 

Key Design Elements Of A Modern Fire Pit

One of the decisions that you'll need to make when you shop for a propane fire pit is whether you want a rustic or modern look. There are plenty of merits to choosing a rustic design, especially if you have other outdoor fixtures that fit this description. However, if you love the look of modern elements both outside and inside of your home, a fire pit that has a modern design may be a better fit for you. Read More 

Common Roof Issues That Contractors Can Easily Address

There are a lot of important exterior elements of your home, but the roof is one of the most important. Unfortunately, it will not always be in great shape. If you run into the following issues with this aspect of your home, then hiring roofing contractors is a great response.  Shingle Damage There may be some shingles on your roof that have seen better days. Instead of leaving them like this and your roof potentially being susceptible to leaks, go ahead and hire a roofing contractor. Read More 

Why The Pandemic Might Be The Right Time To Build A Custom Home

Perhaps you've always envisioned hiring a design build home builder in your area to help you complete your dream house, but you've never actually pulled the trigger. While it's true that the coronavirus pandemic is causing hardship for a lot of people, there's one particular area where the after-effects of the pandemic might actually work in your favor. Housing interest rates in the United States are incredibly low right now. The government has slashed interest rates across the board in response to economic turmoil during the pandemic and the housing market has followed suit. Read More