Effective Rockfall Protection Systems For Commercial Construction Sites

If you're working on a commercial construction project where rockfalls pose a significant threat, then it's important to plan in advance. These rockfall protection systems in particular may be just what you need to make these construction sites safer for everyone involved.

Hexagonal Mesh Screens

One of the more common systems used for rockfalls around commercial construction sites is a hexagonal mesh screen. It is applied to areas where the are loose rocks to help keep them confined, so even if they do fall, they won't be able to build momentum and affect nearby construction sites at all.

These mesh screens also often feature a double-twisted design, which is important for containing rocks because it keeps the mesh from stretching. Any loose rocks will be kept in the confines of this mesh screen, giving everyone on your commercial construction site added confidence.

HEA Panels 

HEA panels work a little bit like mesh screens, but rather than keeping loose rocks confined, they instead provide protection after rocks fall. In this way, these panels can be considered as a passive form of protection against rockfalls.

These panels are typically used on commercial construction sites where there are slopes and a lot of alteration thus occurs. They can be used to catch large and small rocks, making them one of the more versatile rockfall protection systems. They are typically comprised out of twisted cables, which are durable and capable of resisting the heavy force that large rocks would create. 

Soil Embankments

There may be areas around commercial construction sites that are simply inaccessible, making it impossible to put mesh screens or HEA panels around these areas. In this case, soil embankments are your next best solution.

They can be built up in a cost-effective manner using fill material. They don't require a lot of maintenance to keep them in great condition and they also can withstand high energy impacts.

As long as these soil embankments are set up in the right areas, you can create a last line of defense for rocks that fall and head towards your commercial construction site. 

Some commercial construction sites are more at risk to rockfalls, which need to be accounted for before significant damage and injury occur. Fortunately, there are plenty of rockfall protection systems available for you to purchase. You just need to assess your particular work site and figure out what commercial rock fall systems will provide the best results.