Top Tips For Having A Residential Well Drilled For Your New Home

If you are building a new home in a more rural area where public water is not available, you will need to have a private well drilled. In most areas like this, there are at least a couple of different well drilling companies to choose from since such services are in high demand. Regardless of which particular company you hire to drill the well, here are a few tips you'll want to follow.

Check the building codes and setback requirements carefully.

Most municipalities have strict regulations when it comes to wells. They may require the well to be placed a certain distance back from the street. Some may require a certain distance between the well and the house, or between the well and other structures. A well drilling company that routinely works in your area should be familiar with these requirements. However, it's still a good idea to double-check the requirements yourself, get a written copy of them, and go over them with your well drilling team before they begin work. This way, you know everyone is on the same page in terms of well placement and you won't have to worry about any fines for code violations.

Dig far away from neighbors' wells.

If your neighbors also have wells, make sure you locate your well as far away from them as possible. This will reduce the "competition" between wells for groundwater and will help ensure everyone has all the water they need during dry spells. Your well driller should be able to recommend a couple of well locations that both meet building code requirements and won't interfere with neighbors' wells.

When in doubt, drill deeper.

Your driller will often give you a price for a minimum depth, but also a price that will apply should you choose to have the well drilled deeper than the minimum. If you can afford to do so, it is almost always worth having the well drilled deeper. It will cost more to do this later on than to have the well drilled deeper in the first place. Consider that your water needs may increase in the future if your family grows or you install a pool. A deeper well can accommodate these growing needs.

With the tips above, you should get more satisfactory results when having a residential well drilled. Don't hesitate to talk to a residential water well drilling company if you have any other concerns.