When To Bring In A Plumber For Your Home Build

It's not uncommon to outsource much of a build to other professionals. Contractors bring in plumbers, electricians, special designers, window experts, and HVAC professionals to help finish a contracting job all the time.

Whether you are currently in the middle of home construction or doing a home remodel and ready to move on to the next step, it's wise to know when it's time to bring in the plumber. It might be sooner than you think.

When you have the basic framework done

A finished property doesn't have much-exposed plumbing work at all. This means the plumber is typically called before the rest of the home is finished. As soon as a foundation has been poured and the basic framework has been put into a home, call for plumbing services to have the plumber put in the pipes and essential plumbing work to lead out to either a private septic tank, well, or a connected city water line.

When you have the insulation put in 

If you're building a property with a basement or crawlspace, wait to have the plumbing put in until after you have had crawlspace encapsulation done, the basement walls waterproofed, or you have had the insulation put in. Otherwise, any plumbing you put in these areas is at risk of bursting or freezing in colder weather. It makes things easier for your plumber to do insulation prior to calling them.

When you have exposed a remodel

If you are remodeling a kitchen or other area of a home and the plumbing needs to be replaced, as soon as you have exposed the plumbing areas of the remodel, give your plumber a call. This way, the plumber doesn't have to have you take away walls and flooring to expose the pipes you need to work on, which can delay your project or cause your customers or you lots of money.

Plumbing services are required when a building needs to be brought back to code and your plumbing repair and replacement needs should be met prior to continuing with the rest of your program.

Your plumbing needs will be met by your plumber before you continue with your build or remodel. It's wise to invest in a contract with a plumber so you have plumbing services that are consistent and reliable. Once you form a working relationship with a plumbing company you trust, you can move forward with all your construction projects with ease.

Contact a plumber for more info.