Choosing The Right Garage Door Openers For Your Home

Garage door openers are not all made the same: different manufacturers use different technologies to power them. Some of these garage door openers are more reliable than others. If you want to inform yourself before buying a new garage door opener, this guide is here to help you learn about the various types of garage door openers available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Chain Drive Opener

Chain drive openers use a chain to move the lifting mechanism up and down. Chain drives are usually very quiet and easy to install compared to belt drives, but they have less power than belt drives and are more prone to jamming. They also require more maintenance because the chain may need oiling or lubrication after extended use.

Belt Drive Opener

Belt drives use rubber belts to raise and lower the lifting mechanism. This type of opener is typically more expensive than chain drives, but it's much quieter than chain drives and lasts longer as well. Belt drives are also easier to maintain because there aren't any moving parts that can become damaged or jammed like there are with chain drives. Belt drives are also more powerful than chain drives, so they can open heavier doors faster and more efficiently than chain-driven openers.

Screw Drive Opener

The screw drive opener is the most common type of garage door opener today. It comes in two varieties: direct-drive and belt-driven. The direct-drive model uses a motor directly on the opener sprocket shaft to turn the sprocket that raises or lowers the garage door. The belt-driven version uses a V-belt between the motor and sprocket shafts to provide more torque for opening heavier doors or doors with larger loads on them than direct drives allow for.

Direct Drive Opener

Direct drive openers have been around for quite some time now. They use a spring-loaded belt or chain attached directly to the garage door, which moves along with it as it opens and closes. This type of opener is relatively easy to install and doesn't require any special tools to install. However, direct drive openers can be noisy and can cause vibrations in the garage door itself during operation (although this is usually only an issue with older models). In addition, they tend not to be powerful enough for larger garage doors because they don't have enough torque or power output from their motors.

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