5 Ways A Commercial General Contractor Can Help Remodel Your Restaurant

If you're remodeling your old restaurant to make it more appealing to your guests, you'll need a commercial general contractor to coordinate the process. You'll want everything to go smoothly so the project stays on budget and is completed on time. Here are some things a commercial general contractor can help with.

1. Help Establish Your Budget

You may have a general idea of how much you want to spend to remodel your restaurant. A commercial general contractor can advise if your budget is realistic for what you want to achieve. You may need to spend more to get the results you want. However, a commercial contractor may know how to cut corners where no one notices to free up money to spend on things that are important to you and that will impress your customers the most.

2. Provide Design Services

Your contractor might provide additional services if you need them, such as creating the floor plan for your project, giving you ideas for restaurant equipment you might need, and interior decorating advice. You may have your own ideas you want implemented, or you may want to hire a restaurant consultant to work with you and the contractor if the contractor doesn't provide design services.

When you undertake the remodeling project, you want to do it right so your restaurant will be attractive and stay in style for many years so you get the best value out of your remodeling budget.

3. Schedule Other Contractors

Depending on how extensive your remodeling is, you may need to work with multiple contractors. For instance, you could need an electrician, HVAC contractor, plumber, painter, flooring installer, builder, and landscaper.

The commercial general contractor brings in each contractor at the right time so the work flows seamlessly. They'll probably have contractors they work with regularly, so you can feel confident they'll choose contractors they're familiar with and trust.

4. Keep Track Of Codes, Permits, And Inspections

A commercial general contractor is familiar with commercial building codes, and they can keep track of the permits and inspections needed throughout the process so you'll have all of the documents you need to open to the public and so your building passes future inspections. This also ensures you'll have all of the necessary documents in case you want to sell the restaurant in the future.

5. Act As Your Contact Person

The commercial general contractor is your point person throughout the remodeling project. You shouldn't need to deal with individual contractors yourself. Instead, you'll meet with the general contractor to discuss any concerns you have and to get updates throughout the process. The contractor helps you track your budget so you're aware of how far off track it goes so you can make the necessary adjustments to stay close to your target goal.