Tactics To Implement When Performing Construction Site Dredging Around A Body Of Water

If there is a body of water that you're in charge of and it's routinely losing its depth, that could be because of sediment buildup. You don't want it continuing because then it might affect how boats pass on through. A good countermeasure to excessive sediment buildup is construction dredging.

Identify Target Areas First

In order to make the best use out of your time when performing construction dredging around water, you want to figure out what particular sites to target. Then you can insert dredging equipment in strategic areas and perform this process a lot quicker.

One of the easiest ways to determine where excessive sediment buildup is located is to use waterproof cameras. You can capture high-quality photos of the surrounding area and then see which areas in particular warrant construction dredging. Then you can get started with a clear path of what to do. 

Break Up Compacted Sediment

If sediment has the chance to build up around a body of water for a while, it can actually start compacting. That means you'll have to first break it up before utilizing any type of construction dredging process. 

Some dredgers actually have special teeth that can be used to drive through built-up sediment and break it apart effectively. Then you can go in with the necessary suction equipment and remove loose sediment that's left over. This step will make dredging a much easier process to complete.

Re-Examine the Water Post-Dredging

To verify construction dredging was a success around an area of water, you'll want to go back through and inspect the final results. You can do so with the same inspection cameras that were used to pinpoint areas that had excessive sediment buildup.

Just make sure you're thorough so that you can make sure this process was a total success. If there are still areas with a lot of sediment, at least you'll know and can continue using dredging equipment until the body of water is treated thoroughly for different types of sediment.

If you manage a body of water—such as around a marina—one potential issue that might come to the surface is sediment buildup. It can get to the point of severely lowering the water depth, so you want to be careful about the dredging tactics you use to fix this problem. As long as your strategies are proven and calculated, you can treat sediment buildup correctly. 

For more information, contact a company that provides construction site dredging services.