Old Building, Thriving Business? Good Reasons To Consider Installing Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

Old storefronts can be charming, but their age can also pose real problems for business owners who want to focus on building a modern, thriving retail store. Many of the old storefronts commonly used for retail space still have the original entrance recessed into an alcove and framed by vintage plate glass windows on each side. The door may even be original, made of heavy wood and plate glass, complete with vintage locks. 

While an antique dealer or vintage goods shop could fit well with this type of storefront, the goods offered for sale in a modern retail store are more likely to clash. Business owners who have been dealing with an older storefront but would now like to explore something more modern may find the following reasons compelling enough to consider installing commercial architectural glass doors. 

Improved lighting and visual awareness

One of the most striking visual benefits retail store owners and customers are likely to notice after installing commercial architectural glass doors is the increased amount of natural light available inside the store. Natural light helps to dispel shadows and creates a warmer, more welcoming feel in a retail environment. In addition, the expansion of glass to be had in commercial architectural doors can also make it much easier for store owners and employers to be aware of customers as they approach, enter or exit the store. 

Storefront owners who would like to enjoy even more natural light and visual interest may also want to consider replacing the entire storefront with custom architectural glass, instead of just the door. 

Improved security

Another benefit to be had by upgrading your existing storefront with custom architectural glass doors is improved security. Vintage wooden doors often absorb moisture and become difficult to open, close, and lock. If the existing door is still outfitted with an older locking system, the risk of door breaches by a determined intruder can become a real problem.

When older doors are removed and replaced with a custom architectural glass door designed for commercial use, retail store owners will be able to better utilize modern locking and alarm systems, including state-of-the-art security systems. The design of architectural glass commercial doors can also make it easier to utilize security cameras to help store owners reduce theft and create a safer environment for employees and customers. 

To learn more about the benefits your retail store could enjoy by upgrading your existing door, contact a reputable commercial architectural glass door contractor in your area. 

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