4 Signs That You Need Commercial Contractors to Repair Your Asphalt Pavement

As a business owner or a commercial property manager, it is your responsibility to keep the areas around your building in good working condition. The conditions of your driveways, parking slots, footpaths, and other paved surfaces leave a lasting impression in your customer's mind. 

Properly maintained, marked, and labeled parking areas add curb appeal and minimize the risk of accidental injuries. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that these areas are well maintained. Here are signs you need commercial contractors to repair your asphalt pavement:

Cracks in the Pavement

A cracking pavement is an indication of degrading asphalt. Sometimes heavy traffic on your property can be the apparent cause of this degradation. Cracks can also occur if the asphalt was of low quality or was poorly mixed. Initially, the apertures may appear small but, with time, develop into big cracks. 

Ignoring these cracks, especially during the rainy seasons, allows water to seep in, causing more structural damage. A commercial asphalt contractor will repair the cracks on the pavement preventing further damage and restoring them to their original good-looking view. 


The presence of potholes on your parking slots or driveways is an obvious sign of wear and tear. They often result from cracks that are left unrepaired for some time. Water underneath your pavement creates upward pressure causing the asphalt to crack. 

Potholes can become very deep, especially if heavy vehicles come into your parking slots. In extreme cases, you may have to replace the whole foundation. Therefore, if you notice that your pavement has potholes, have commercial asphalt contractors repair it before the problem escalates. 

Sinking Pavement

Asphalt pavements sit on a crushed gravel base. If the floor erodes, you will notice some sinking areas on the parking spots or driveways. This is an indication that there is water underneath, causing the area to sink. 

Over time, it affects the structural integrity of your parking spots and driveways. Hiring qualified asphalt paving contractors helps you repair sunken pavements. 

Faded Pavement

Asphalt pavement is ideally black, but the color tends to fade due to exposure to the sun and rain. Applying fresh sealant makes your asphalt driveway or parking not only look fresh but also last longer. When you see that your pavements are losing color, call your asphalt paving service experts to give the surface an appealing appearance.

If you notice any of the outlined signs, you need to repair the pavement. Contact a commercial asphalt paving contractor to get reliable and durable services.