5 Questions To Ask Asphalt Paving Services

Are you looking to lay beautiful paving in your driveway? Getting the right people on the job is the biggest determinant for admirable paving. You need to know that you are hiring asphalt paving services who have the capacity and experience to do a proper job. There are a few questions you can ask a paving contractor before hiring;

1. Do You Serve This Area?    

It is important to know if an asphalt paving contractor serves your area. Many contractors usually serve a few counties or a state. It is more advisable to work with a local contractor because they are more responsive if there are any hitches.

2. How Long Is Your Experience?

While everyone must start somewhere, it is important to work with an experienced asphalt paving services. An experienced contractor will have handled a variety of projects and knows how to handle different projects.

Ideally, you want a contractor who has worked on a job like yours before. Then, there are fewer chances of messing the job. An experienced contractor can also help you get permits and approvals faster because they have developed contacts over the years.

3. What Process Do You Use?

It is important to know how the contractor handles jobs. How do they plan to handle this specific project? A good contractor should have business values that align with your goals and limitations. You want someone who can focus on your project and give it the attention it deserves.  

4. Do You Have References?

It is good to verify the contractor's capacity with previous clients. Ask them to provide at least three references you can check out. These previous clients are beneficial in checking whether the contractor is a good fit.

Some things you need to hear from these previous clients include the contractor's skill, professionalism and timeliness. Did the contractor deliver previous projects on time? How did they deal with client requests for changes? How informative and communicative were they? These questions are crucial in evaluating whether the asphalt paving services.

5. Do You Do Any Other Jobs?

It is good to know if a contractor does any other jobs apart from paving. For example, you might want to renovate your patio and garage floors. You could get a good price bundling these projects and handing them to one contractor. It is more convenient and gives you a stronger negotiating hand. It is also good at creating a relationship with the contractor.

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