Questions Homeowners Often Have After Learning Their Foundation Needs Repair

Foundation issues can affect the whole home structure, and they can be expensive to repair. So, when a homeowner learns that their home needs foundation repairs, it's common for them to be a little upset and worried. But asking the right questions can help you better understand what's actually wrong with your home and what the repair process will truly involve.

How soon do you need to repair the foundation?

If you're short on funds, you may wonder if you can wait a few months or even a few years to repair your foundation. If the damage is very minor so far, this may be okay. But generally, by the time you notice a foundation problem, it is serious enough that prompt repairs are important. If you don't make the repairs soon, you may end up with additional water damage, shifted door frames, and even damaged roofs to repair. The most affordable approach is generally to have the foundation repaired ASAP, even if you have to finance the costs.

How will the foundation be repaired?

This is a question to ask the company who you plan to have repair your foundation. There are a lot of different approaches to take, depending on what's actually wrong. Sometimes, they may dig into the concrete and add some supportive pillars. Other times, they may lift the foundation and inject some more concrete underneath it. Since there can be more than one viable approach to repairing some foundations, it's helpful to get three or more estimates. And don't just pay attention to the quoted costs on those estimates. Pay attention to the methods each foundation repair company proposes using.

Can you stay in your home while the foundation is repaired?

In most cases, you should be able to remain in the home while the foundation is being repaired. Even if parts of the home need to be jacked up, this should not make the home unsafe. And the extra weight of you and your family members should not be enough to affect anything. In the rare event that you may need to leave the home to have the foundation repaired, the repair company should let you know this ahead of time, and your homeowner's insurance company may even cover the costs for you to stay somewhere else.

When you first learn your foundation needs repair, ask questions. Talk to foundation repair companies, and see what they recommend. Every situation is different, but foundation repair contractors can help.