Your Simple Guide To Basements And Water Damage

When you have a home with a basement there are some important things that you should know about the basement since it is more susceptible to things like water damage. By learning more, you can prevent a lot of problems. Here is a simple guide to preventing damage caused by water when you have a basement in your home. 

Why your basement is most at risk for water damage

The number one reason why your basement is the most susceptible part of your home when it comes to water damage is its location. Since the basement is on the bottom of the house, it means any flooding that does happen in the higher levels of the home will make its way down to the basement. 

Also, the basement is located under the ground. This means flooding can happen from groundwater as well. Also, a sump pump will prevent water in the basement, but if it breaks then it won't be able to do its job which means the basement can end up flooding. 

Why flooding in the basement is so bad

Flooding anywhere in your home is bad, and this includes when it happens in a basement. If you have a finished basement that is furnished with everything from flooring to furniture, electronics, and decor, then most everything can be in trouble if the basement floods. 

Things that can become water damaged likely will, and those that don't may end up with mold which damages them anyway. In any basement, finished or not, mold will always be a concern. Getting mold in the basement means the lowest part of your home has it, and since mold grows quickly, the upper areas of your home, as well as the flooring, will be put at risk. 

Mold can eat away at many of the materials used in the building and furnishing of a home. This includes the flooring, the wallpaper, the drywall, the cupboards, the floorboards, the ceiling tiles, and even the wooden studs in the frame of the home. This means mold can lead to the total destruction of your home and even cause a collapse. Plus, mold can be a serious danger to the health of those who reside in the home. 


Waterproofing your basement will not only protect the basement from damage that can be caused by water, but as seen above, it will ultimately help you to protect the entire home.

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