Key Design Elements Of A Modern Fire Pit

One of the decisions that you'll need to make when you shop for a propane fire pit is whether you want a rustic or modern look. There are plenty of merits to choosing a rustic design, especially if you have other outdoor fixtures that fit this description. However, if you love the look of modern elements both outside and inside of your home, a fire pit that has a modern design may be a better fit for you. Visit the website of a retailer that sells a wide range of fire pits to evaluate the different modern-looking products. Here are some design elements that you'll often notice.

The Inclusion Of Glass

Glass is an element that is common in modern-looking propane fire pits. Commonly, you'll find that the pit will have a sheet of glass around its perimeter. In addition to helping the structure look sleek and modern, the glass serves the functional purpose of keeping you and your family members away from the flames. The use of glass is especially common in square and rectangular fire pits, as the straight sections of glass — slightly tinted or clear — complement the shape of the structure.

A Glossy Finish

Another design element that you can expect to find when you're looking at different modern propane fire pits is a glossy finish. Whereas rustic fire pits often have a matte look, a high-gloss shimmer can give a fire pit a modern appearance. For example, if the foundation of the fire pit is made of stone, the manufacturers will buff the stone considerably to ensure that it shines. If there are metal elements on the fire pit — perhaps accent pieces on the corners, for example — you'll also find that they have a glossy look.

A Bed Of Crystals

Propane-powered fire pits that have a rustic design will often have fake logs in the center, and the flames will dart up around them. While you might find fake logs in a modern-looking product, you're more apt to find a bed of crystals. For example, the center of the pit will be covered in pieces of glass that have the shimmery appearance of crystal. Sometimes, these pieces are clear. In other cases, they may be tinted in a color such as blue. When you turn on the propane, the flames will rise up through the crystals, which will help them to look even shinier.