Water Well Drilling: Factors Used To Determine The Placement Of The Well

Opting to have a drilling contractor help you install a well on your property is typically a new experience for most property owners. While you may have an ideal place in mind where you would prefer the well to be, there are actually several factors that have to be taken into consideration before the drilling process begins. Here is a look at some of those factors. 

The Proximity to the House or Where the Water Will Be Used 

Naturally, when you have a well drilled on your property, it is better if the well is a bit closer to where the water will be used. The further the proximity to the outlet point, the more expensive it can be to install water lines and invest in a pump sizable enough to pump water over a longer distance. Therefore, the drilling service contractor will work with the property owner to decide where the most logical placement will be for the well depending on the distance from the structure. Other factors will have to be taken into consideration as well, but this one tends to be a high priority for most property owners. 

The Ground Conditions in Certain Areas of the Property 

When it comes to drilling a well, the contractor can be going several feet underground, and the ground conditions are a big factor to consider. If there are parts of the property that are especially concentrated with large pieces of rock, the well placement may have to be in a different spot. Before drilling, most contractors will use special equipment to scan the ground and determine where density due to solid rock would be an issue. 

The Location of the Underground Water Table 

One of the most important factors to consider before a well drilling contractor chooses the proper placement for the well is where they can gain direct access to the underground water table. It would not be logical to place a water well in a part of the ground where there is no water. In some cases, the spot to drill can seem a little illogical or out of place, but the primary plan is to gain direct access to the water table, so this dictates where the well can be placed overall. Most properties will have several access points that would make sense. The drilling service contractor will use all factors to determine which drilling spot would be the best. 

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