Why Your Kitchen Remodeling Should Start By Focusing On Flow

As you plan your kitchen remodeling project, you may have many ideas to change colors, update appliances, or install trending materials. But while these are important parts of any renovation, they shouldn't take precedence over improving the flow of the room itself. Why should flow be your first concern? And how can you make yours better? Here's what you need to know. 

Why Start With Flow Issues? 

The flow of a room is the way that its users come and go, move around in the room, and use it. Rooms are, after all, designed for comfortable living by their occupants. So logical and easy flow makes any room feel larger, more productive, and more luxurious. Cramped spaces, dead ends, and obstructed paths will hinder all uses of a room — no matter how many shiny new updates you add. 

What Are Some Kitchen Flow Issues?

So, what types of flow issues often exist in kitchens? And how can you resolve them?

One of the biggest in many kitchens is simply a space that's too small for modern family needs. Unfortunately, this can be the hardest flow problem to fix, as it may require expansion. However, opening up your kitchen by removing walls and designing a more open floor plan for the main rooms can also fix things. 

How wide are the walkways and work areas within your kitchen? While there is a minimum prescribed distance between cabinets and other structures, this isn't designed for comfort and ease of use. Homeowners should always do their best to avoid reducing walkways to a minimum width, even if it means sacrificing something else. You can make up space for many other elements, but not for moving around and working. 

Finally, one of the least understood problems with flow is the lack of a good work triangle. The work triangle consists of the sink, stove, and refrigerator. When this triangle is nonexistent, interrupted, or too large, the kitchen will feel awkward, inefficient, and confusing — but you may never understand why. Move structural elements around so your triangle is efficient and effective. 

Where Should You Start?

What kind of flow issues does your current kitchen have? Have you addressed them all in your remodeling plans? If you're not sure or think that flow could be improved even more, start by meeting with a kitchen remodeling service in your area today. With their expertise and trained eye, you'll soon have a kitchen layout that will provide many happy hours in this important family space.